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Cell Modems For Chlorine & pH Monitors

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    The modemMillie industrial cellular modem keeps your chemical feed and control equipment connected to the Internet 24/7 with its own cyber-secure connection. Using DirectConnect and the latest cellular & LAN routing technology, modemMillie provides ANY Ethernet-ready equipment with its own secure connection. The complete modemMillie line of industrial cellular modems is designed to bring reliability and simplicity to water quality monitoring.

    These fully-featured communication devices provide you with complete remote monitoring and control of your internet-enable feed and control equipment.

    Receive alarms, emails and upload data from anywhere internet service is available.  The integrated WiFi provides local wireless access to the feed and control equipment and serves as an internet hot spot allowing you to use your phone or laptop to access your online service reporting tools, email, and documentation on-site. Data plans are also available to pair with your systems.